Tri Delta

at Tampa, FL Alumnae Chapter

Membership Information

Membership is for a lifetime. The experiences, skills, friendships and support systems remain a part of your life as you begin a career, start a family, face challenges and look for new ways to make a difference in the world. Joining a Tri Delta alumnae chapter provides members with an opportunity to continue building friendships, serving unselfishly and growing as women.

It is the goal of the Fraternity to ensure our members can make the most of their membership in Tri Delta during every stage and phase of life.

Reconnect with pledge sisters, get connected with new Tri Deltas in your area or stay connected by updating your contact information by logging in to 

Membership provides so many opportunities to give back and develop lifetime friendships. From socials, community involvement, philanthropy, supporting the Beta Alpha chapter at USF and more - there is certainly a place for you! We hope you'll join us at an event soon. It's easy to become a member, just click here


THANK YOU! Dues paying members as of November 20, 2016:

Debbie Abdoney, Alpha Eta
Joyce Addison, Alpha Eta
Whitney Allen, Delta Gamma
Amanda Alvarez, Beta Alpha
Janet Anderson, Alpha Psi
Lourdes Bahr, Alpha Omega
Ruth "Beth" Barthle, Beta Alpha
Jenni Bell, Alpha Psi
Hedy Bever, Phi Theta
Margaret "Meg" Bock, Beta Alpha
Melane Byrd, Phi Theta
Jolene Caprio, Beta Alpha
Lisa Chillura, Beta Alpha
Jan Cornelius, Alpha Omega
Stacey Cox, Theta Kappa
Virginia "Ginny" Daniel, Alpha Psi
Helena "Bee" Everett, Beta Alpha
Adelaide Few, Alpha Xi
Deena Fields, Beta Theta
Cherry Flynn, Delta Rho
Michelle Garis, Beta alpha
Dana Gierschke, Beta Alpha
Sally Glisson, Alpha Delta
Pamela Gordon, Alpha Eta
Clara Gough, Alpha Psi
Stacy Gramling, Beta Alpha
Jan Gruetzmacher, Beta Sigma
Shea Grundy, Delta Gamma
Helena Hayes, Beta Alpha
Laura Hayes, Beta Alpha
Ruth Hemmingway, Delta Sigma
Nicole Hubbard, Alpha Eta
Ashley Jackson, Theta Kappa
Taylor Jones, Beta Alpha
Lindsey Kamm, Epsilon Gamma
Janet Karpan, Theta Iota
Allison Dye Kerrigan, Beta Alpha
Rosie Kreis, Beta Alpha
Laurie Lackman, Alpha Psi
Erin Dye Lastra, Beta Alpha
Kelly Lastra, Beta Alpha
Corissa  Leung, Omicron
Jennifer Little, Alpha Psi
Lowelle Lomel, Alpha Psi
Kathleen Lopez, Alpha Psi
Erin Lowe, Alpha Psi
Micah Mathews, Alpha Psi
Shereen McCall, Beta Alpha
Katie McCay, Delta Sigma
Jennifer Meilan, Phi Theta
Brooke Melendi, Alpha Psi
Jessica Micheli, Beta Alpha
Gayle Miller, Beta Theta
Nancy Mynard, Alpha Eta
Melissa Knight Nodhturft, Alpha Delta
Laurie Parker, Delta Psi
Reshma Parwani, Alpha Psi
Wendy Pepe, Beta Alpha
Julie  Phillips, Alpha Chi
Corey Poe, Beta Tau
Barbara Reed, Delta Lambda
Elizabeth Reid, Alpha Psi
Alice Robbins, Alpha Psi
Ashley Rushing, Alpha Psi
Michelle Shimberg, Alpha Psi
Betsy Stagg, Alpha Psi
Laura Stevenson, Alpha Psi
Jessica Strathman, Alpha Delta
Elaine Taylor, Phi Rho
Stacy Taylor, Delta Sigma
Ashley Terry, Alpha Eta
Anna Thayer, Beta Lambda
Natalie Thomas, Beta Alpha
Shannon Tompkins, Beta Alpha
Laura Valenti, Beta Alpha
Patricia "Trish" Wagner, Alpha Psi
Katherine Wallace, Alpha Psi
Rosemary Watts, Alpha Eta
Jill Weinstein, Alpha Psi
Elizabeth Wherley, Alpha Delta
Kristin  Wilson, Alpha Eta

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